A booming segment of the Perpetual Motion Machine industry is capitalizing on the hype over the "Hydrogen Economy" with claims to produce Hydrogen for impossibly low cost.


Emerging Technologies

This website has set off a lot of woo woo metres.
Emerging Technologies Development Corporation , a St. Louis based R&D sponsor announces a breakthrough of monumental proportions in the race to produce an automobile that runs on water.

Emerging Technologies Development Corporation ,now has dozens of working models in various stages of testing of a Hydrogen on demand generator that will totally eliminate the need to store compressed hydrogen, fuel cells(?), hybrid electric cars and other approaches to automobile propulsion.

“The beauty of this system is that it is fast and extremely cheap to produce the hydrogen. Currently with a single generator about the size of a coffee pot we are generating 3/10 liter per second “, says William Alexander, CEO of Emerging Technologies Development Corporation. The by product of this system seems to be nothing more than heat and water that is generated when the oxygen is allowed to recombine with the atmosphere. Without using chemicals, typical evaporation or electrolysis this system is environmentally pure.

“This method is so safe you can hold it in your hands or tuck it under your arm even while it is actively producing the hydrogen “, says Alexander.

Bench testing of larger generators and “ gang “ generators is under way. Preliminary tests indicate a gang generator configuration will yield 2 liters of hydrogen per second for pennies per liter.

With this kind of availability at virtually pennies per liter there is simply no reason to store or compress hydrogen, construct complex hybrid systems or use battery systems with the attendant threat to the environment for battery waste. Emphasis added.

It's unclear why a man who makes his living selling measurement tools would talk about what the product "seems to be". But what about the claim to make H2 for pennies per litre? Is that good? Lets do the math.

At atmospheric pressure and room temp, one litre of H2 is 0.041416 moles. (Thanks to the hard to link to ideal gas calculator http://www-tech.mit.edu/Chemicool/idealgas.html)

The heat of combustion of H2 is 285.83 kJ / mole.

Multiplying we see that one litre of H2 represents 11.838 kJ of potential energy (supposing we are planning on burning it). Dividing by 3600, we see that's 3.3 Wh, or 0.0033 kWh.

Why would anyone want to pay pennies for that? Electrolysis would be much cheaper. What the company is claiming is to be testing a very expensve method of producing H2. How could this be the basis of a system that replaces battery storage for electric cars or complex hybrid systems for better fuel efficiency? Impossible of course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emerging Technologies did not even get the chemistry correct. Note their quote below in which they imply that the oxygen produced by electrolysis reacts with air:

"The by product of this system seems to be nothing more than heat and water that is generated when the oxygen is allowed to recombine with the atmosphere."

Wrong! The hydrogen, not the oxygen, chemically reacts with air to produce water! Scammers often get the details wrong since they do not actually have much (if any) technical expertise or hands-on experience.

Leo C.

July 27, 2004 6:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir.
I have tried to set an account but had a little trouble finding a user name that will work, hence I am coming through the Anonymous end.
I am one of the inventors that has been involved with the hydrogen development. It has been a very difficult experience as we beleive some terms and stories posted on a web site have been imagined. I have to be careful what I say at the moment due to legal issues. We are under negotiations with a company now where we can receive the necessary funds to complete the work. It is true we have many electrolysis units and we have many improvements on conventional designs, the units that provide enough gas for engine fuel are very heavy and quite large, maybe superman could hold one in his hand. But we do have smaller sized units that do put out considerable amounts, but unfortunately have to be driven very high in voltage to get the necessary flow rate. This has been an issue with much energy waisted in heat.
I want to also make clear that the real secret is not in the electrolysis unit as for the energy saving, the advancements are in the energy management circuit. This does not work by voltage pulsing or anything that has been used before, as this is a totally new invention relating to energy saving, or we could say energy recycling, and has no relationship to the so called BECS system. The circuit design has many more applications besides driving an electrolysis unit, which has been tested on many appliances already. We have also invented a new turbine engine that is designed to run on hydrogen, this unit only has one moving part and is extremly powerful and efficient. this turbine needs more time to have ready for any production stage, but we do have 3 different working prototypes.
We have been very dissapointed in the situation we have been put under and the statements made so far, as we were planning to have all concepts completed ready for proof of showing as a professional working system, where any investors can take this over and put the system straight into the market place. We do have all parts being the circuit and electrolysis units but much work and finances are required to have the system viable in the real world.
I would also like to say there is no such thing as free energy where even though we can recycle most of the energy like in the BECS system, and in our new circuit being tested on the hydrogen concept, there is no such thing as perfect where energy is required to replace the inefficiencies of any system. As most people know energy can not be created nor destroyed but when used it changes its form, this is the key to designing a concept that works within these parameters.

October 04, 2004 7:44 AM

Blogger stleride said...

Any updates?

December 20, 2005 10:37 AM


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