A booming segment of the Perpetual Motion Machine industry is capitalizing on the hype over the "Hydrogen Economy" with claims to produce Hydrogen for impossibly low cost.


Alternate Energy Corporation Product in YYYY?

The latest press release describes their running a small engine. A couple of statements stand out.
The purpose of the demonstration was to provide a complete overview of the unit's functionality while showcasing some of its key benefits, including portability, safety and environmentally friendly by-products.
The by-product of their process is metal oxides soaked in caustic liquid. What is it they do at their demonstration to show that stuff is safe? I'm not saying it's dangerous. But how do they demonstrate that?

Also their boilerplate now includes the claim that they "shipping initial hydrogen production and electricity generation systems later in 2005". Ah, so that's when they plan to have a product. Their FAQ has been answering the question:
2) To whom will you be selling the product and when?
  • 2003-11 AEC intends to sell a combined product (our hydrogen production unit and a carefully selected, third-party fuel cell), through one or a number of major organizations being considered to the home owner and commercial power and government markets. AEC acknowledges the numerous large-scale market application opportunities for low-cost hydrogen, but has chosen to focus on the alternative energy sector pursuant to its corporate mandate / mission statement.

    Though much is contingent on funding and/or the securing of suitable manufacturer/distributor alliances, marketing and manufacturing plans are currently being developed for AEC to have its hydrogen production technology deployed with various partners within one year (2004).

  • 2004-06 Ditto.

  • 2004-11 and later AEC intends to sell a combined product (our hydrogen production unit and third-party fuel cell or internal combustion engine/generator), to a wide spectrum of major organizations in the industrial, commercial, residential, utility and government markets.

  • So, as late as a year ago, Alternative energy corporation was claiming they would have a product last year. And now, their FAQ simply doesn't answer the "when will you have a product" question.


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