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So Long to Earth 2012

Earth2012 has given up its effort to build a water-powered car. We covered thie plan to riase a million pounds in donations for this project back in 2004-07. Some of their old pages, including the description of how the water-powered car was supposed to wok, have been taken down, but can be found on the wayback.

This is Stef Kling's announcement:
January 2006 - Water Car project closure

Since July 2004 Earth 2012 has been trying to raise funds for the development of an engine that uses water as fuel. It is with deep regret that I have to announce that we have not succeeded, and that we have decided to discontinue our efforts. Effectively this means the closure of the Water Car Project for Earth 2012.

So what happened?
The original idea was to fund this project via donations. We knew from the start that if this was to succeed we would need to partner up with a well established organisation, as Earth 2012 does not have the audience that is needed. We have talked to several organisations, but we learned that this project was too risky for them to take on.
On our own we did not generate enough donations to even cover basic expenses (we have only received 40 donations), so we decided to change our approach and seek investment. We have talked to several interested parties, but only one option met our criteria. We nearly achieved financing in April last year, but then this organisation had to withdraw unexpectedly for internal reasons. Since then no suitable alternative has been found.

So has all been lost?
No. We have made some progress on the technical front in the last 1.5 year, and we have all learned a lot. The technical team is trying to obtain funding via other routes without involvement of Earth 2012. We hope that they will succeed and that the world will see this technology some day.

We would like to thank everybody who has supported us from the bottom of our hearts.

On behalf of the whole team,

Stef Kling


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